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An Imperfectly Authentic Bedroom Interior Design- Do It the Wabi-Sabi Way

2017 was mostly about the Scandinavian design trend called Hygge. 2018, however, pushed a new concept into the limelight.

The Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese philosophy relating to beauty in irregularity.

When applied to bedroom interior designs, it projects an aesthetic outlook of imperfections, of an incomplete narrative, says Ashiesh Shah, a prominent Interior Designer in Maharashtra.

Wabi-Sabi Home Interior Designer


Olivia Heath, Digital Editor, House Beautiful UK, stresses that implementing Wabi-Sabi translates into accepting imperfection. Focusing on frayed edges, natural fabrics, unfinished asymmetrical objects uneven surfaces, etc. helps.

Implementing Wabi-Sabi: Things to Keep in Mind

Simple Is Good

Whichever design elements you choose, remember to place them to ensure compliance with the following.

  • Lots of natural light in the room
  • Functionality as the focal point
  • Paired layouts

The objective here is to highlight the functional significance of the design elements.

Natural Materials Go a Long Way

The best interior designers in Bangalore suggest using natural material as per your aesthetic preference.

Try to opt for authenticity. Avoid mass-produced products. Shop around. Try flea markets, antique shops, craft shows, etc. Pick objects with a functional purpose that suits you.

Wabi-Sabi Suggests That You Do Not Fret over Imperfections

There is no requirement to impress a professionally designed edge on everything in your house. Keep it rough, a bit tousled, unfinished.

From quirky design elements like a broken bowl put together using glue, a bed frame made of plumbing pipes, to weathered but natural material like wood, wool, leather, or clay, Wabi-Sabi is about promoting the unlikeliness in a layout.

Of course, you must monitor the balance to avoid losing your intended design to day-to-day clutter, says Heath.

Preference + Authenticity = the Wabi-Sabi Aesthetic

Matching a sense of natural originality with one of purpose is quite significant here.

A floor cushion that can also double as a seat, purpose-built storage units, bamboo floorboards are all good ideas. And yet, they will only be considered truly Wabi-Sabi if they serve a purpose in your house, fit in your space, reflect your personality, link back to you as the owner.

When thinking about Wabi-Sabi interiors, remember to choose the look and feel that works for you.

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