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Art in Interiors – Taking care of your Art Collection

A great deal of money, time, and care go into building an art collection, installing it in your home, and maintaining it.

Whether you build a fine art collection or a valuable’s one, there are many aspects of the trade that you have to keep in mind. The most important one of those facets is the preservation.

How to Care for Art at Home

Art is a critical investment, one whose worth is considerably measured in the long run. Caring for it includes a plethora of actions, including dusting it on regular intervals, thoroughly examining the piece, and giving it the right atmosphere including suitable lights and orientation.

While you can always buy services to take care of your art collection, doing it by yourself gives you a deeper connection with the piece.

  1. Frame It

Your artwork needs a frame. A good one.



Frames, depending on how they fit around the piece, can vary how the art is projecting itself. A frame of excellent quality, however, increases the life of artworks. It has fewer chances of deteriorating over time. It’ll keep your canvas in a reasonable condition, preventing it from loosening, forming cracks in the paint, or creasing. It’ll keep the moisture away from the art.

  1. Clean It

Study the medium of art you’re trying to preserve.

You can better understand how to protect artwork from damage if you know the technicalities of your piece. Ask the seller for instructions. Read up on what does cleaning the piece entail.

For instance, if you’re wondering how to clean a painting on canvas, you’d be surprised to know that the answer lies in the nature of the art.

Oil paintings regularly attract dust. Clean them by lightly rubbing the surface with a moist cloth. Acrylics are very low-maintenance. You can clean them with a dry rag. Metal sculptures need regular polishing. Wood sculptures, as long as you keep them away from direct sunlight and moisture, won’t need any polishing for years.

Ergo, know your piece.

  1. If You Store It, Check on It Regularly

If you have paintings, sculptures, or other artwork that isn’t currently on show in your home, make sure their storage is appropriately arranged.

Read up on how to store paintings at home. Make sure that they aren’t exposed to extreme heat, cold, or damp environments. Store them in a similar climate like the one where they are supposed to be hung or kept.

Precautions, in the Case of Preserving Artworks, Is Always Better

The statement stands for all kinds of art pieces, especially if you consider the high cost of repairing and restoring artworks.

Also, art has many categories. While we have only talked about the mainstream ones, if you own a unique piece, gather information on its care and preservation before you can go about taking care of it.


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