APARTMENT  MAKEOVER – NAGARBHAVI, BANGALORE “Sometimes, we outgrow the Spaces that we have created, and loved being in.” As the Best Home Interior Designers in Bangalore will tell you – every space comes with an expiry date. Often times, changing needs, a growing family or even the sheer passage of time – end up contributing...


Your Bedroom can change your day. Yes you heard us right!   Perfect lighting, captivating colors and well-designed furniture will make sure that you are always filled with positive energy, and are ready to conquer the world – each morning! As one of the Best Home Interior Designers in Bangalore, we at ‘The Mustard Niche‘, KNOW...

How to Use Your Space Wisely in Bangalore: Modular Kitchen Designs Hold the Answer   If you live in a metropolitan area, the struggle of small spaces probably isn’t a new concept for you. Nevertheless, arranging our quarters, no matter how small, to our liking while keeping it as functional as possible is something we...


How to Choose a Residential Interior Designers in Bangalore for A Maximalist Interior Overhaul?   This last decade, minimalism was the appointed bearer of class. Muted tones, quiet designs, clean aesthetics- tidying up any space held the crown as the most intriguing interior solution for a long time. This year, however, the ‘more is better’...


The Art of Collaborating with an Interior Designer for Your Home or Office Are you trying to redesign your home or office space? Have you already looked for interior designers in Bangalore? Have you tried actively participating in the process and failed?  Themustardniche is the best interior decorators in Bangalore. Interior designers in Bengaluru The...

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Over the years we have had the opportunity to provide a range of interior design and decor solutions to a diverse set of clients. Our portfolio includes a wide array of projects that range from space make-overs to turnkey commercial, retail and residential projects.

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