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DECOWOOD Design Divas 2 – The Experience

At The Mustard Niche, creating Beautiful Interiors is our Grand Passion. It is what makes us tick, EVERY SINGLE DAY. During our decade long work in Bangalore , first as “Design & Dimension “ and then as “The Mustard Niche”, we have had the opportunity to work with some amazing Clients, and create their beautiful Homes and Interior Spaces.

Words of Appreciation from our clients, are very dear to us. Our belief is that “A Happy Client is the greatest Reward”. At the same time, being recognised for our work, by our peers in the industry, has been our long-held dream. After all, who better than fellow Designers and Architects to understand the blood, sweat, tears, creativity and innovation that goes into Interior Design. So appreciation from them, is all the more Special.

Famous interior designers Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to be a part of the “Decowood Design Divas – Season 2” in collaboration with GOODHOMES Magazine.

“Identifying edgy and futuristic design, the Decowood Design Diva Award is a platform that identifies and celebrates new design concepts and innovation. Believing that you, as a woman and a creative force to be reckoned with, the award is created to reign in talent from across the country in the realm of design. It is the ultimate reference for design achievement and capability of spaces conceptualized using Decowood Veneers.”

(Source: http://www.designdivas.in/)

“Over 2000 entries were received from all over the country, in various categories. The criteria stated that play of Decowood Veneer in the projects. Phase 1 invited a selection of top 100 women designers and deliberation with the jury members came up with a final selection of the Top 12 who then were given specific themes woven around residential and commercial concepts. ”

 (Source: https://www.goodhomes.co.in/design-and-style/style-makers/decowood-design-divas-season-2_-5690.html)

Our entry, Titled THE GLAM KITCHEN – made it to the TOP 12 entries – Nationwide.

We were invited to be a part of the Awards and Felicitation Function, held at Mumbai, in March 2018, by GoodHomes Magazine. It was a wonderful experience, where we had the opportunity to meet and interact with the esteemed Jury members – Award winning designer, Rooshad Shroff, Art & Interior Director, Elsie Nanji, Designer Simone Arora, Interior and Architect Tejal Mathur, Architect Nuru Karim, Architect Ponni Concessao & Architects Krupa and Zubin Zainnudin, and fellow Participants

(Source: https://www.goodhomes.co.in/design-and-style/style-makers/decowood-design-divas-season-2_-5690.html)

The felicitation Ceremony, by DECOWOOD Veneers, in October 2018, at MADERA Hub, Behror, Rajasthan, was an equally splendid experience. It provided an opportunity to meet the amazing women Interior Designers and Architects, who were part of the top 100 Short-list of Decowood Design Divas 2. The Factory visits, organised by DECOWOOD, was an amazing and eye-opening experience.

Famous interior designers in Bangalore

Thank you to DECOWOOD Veneers and GOODHOMES Magazine, for this wonderful opportunity and Honour.